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Making the Value Case

Reference Pricing on the Horizon


The progression toward value-based care has enormous implications for manufacturers, influencing change in everything from pipeline investments to sales strategy.  Two critical trends stemming from the move to value are the increasing role of the consumer, and demands for price and outcome transparency.  Tapping into both of these trends is…

Considerations for Risk Sharing Agreements


In a recent move that garnered considerable attention, Express Scripts, one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in the US, announced a plan that would link the price of some cancer drugs to their real-world performance.1 Although this isn’t the first time that an alternative pricing model for drugs has…

Distribution of Sales and Marketing Spend Must Change


In recent years, pharma companies have reduced their cost base in response to decreasing revenues due in part to patent expirations and thin pipelines.  Companies have taken the budget axe to both their R&D and Sales organizations, often drastically reorganizing R&D in an effort to generate improved productivity.  While considerable…

Capturing the Value from Value-Added Services


What is one of the hottest topics among pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking for a way to grow or even maintain top line revenues? In three words, Value Added Services (VAS). Creating these programs does come with significant challenges, such as demonstrating the value created—whether as a service wrap…

Exchanges: Shaping the Consumer of the Future


The individual and SHOP (small business health options program) exchanges are getting significant media attention these days. When PPACA was enacted in 2010, one of its components was the creation of federal and state-based exchanges. The intent of these new marketplaces was to give more Americans access to affordable, quality…

Economic and Clinical Value: The Future of Cancer Care

Pharmaceutical Commerce

During the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting earlier this year, a leading pharmaceutical company announced positive results for one of its drugs. For the first time in 10 years, a drug used to battle a recurrent cancer had been found to prolong life, in this case by more…