The bar is going up.

The medical device and diagnostics industry’s commitment to innovation has revolutionized how and where medical procedures and surgeries are performed, reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes in the process.

Now a changing healthcare environment threatens to turn every industry assumption on its head. Payers and providers across the world are clamping down on new products, line extensions, and price increases, demanding hard comparative data on the efficacy and cost impact of new features and products. As demands for affordable healthcare increase, market access hinges on your ability to demonstrate the economic and clinical value of your portfolio.

A new approach for a new world.

Purchasing decisions are moving further away from the physician, and the key criteria are more often institutional factors than individual preferences. Medical technology companies must move beyond features and benefits, focusing resources and development efforts on products that will deliver real economic and clinical value for all critical stakeholders. Marketing and sales teams will need more than the traditional toolkit to understand needs and communicate value to an evolving audience with new priorities. A transition of this magnitude will require companies to develop new competencies, define new roles and accountabilities, and reshape core processes. The challenges are significant, but the answers are within reach:

Build your economic and clinical value story.

The demand for cost-effective care provides an opportunity for manufacturers who can shape and master the value equation — and communicate the story to stakeholders with diverse interests and goals.

Rewrite the story for a changing customer base.

With more decisions being made by committees rather than individuals, sales and marketing teams need to reassess customer needs, as well as the approach and capabilities required to address them.

Meet market needs with a disciplined approach.

The rules for success are in flux, but the prospects are good for manufacturers who can understand market needs, identify profitable opportunities, refocus their resources, and own new spaces.

Prepare for a new level of scrutiny.

With value under the microscope, manufacturers must identify, anticipate, and shape unmet needs, develop responsive solutions, and prove that they have something different to offer.

Win in global markets.

Success demands a macro view of global trends and a micro view of the nuances in each market. Integrating the two is the key to a global growth strategy.

Respond to intensifying competition.

As technology gaps close and competitors get bigger, mergers may seem like the only response. The key is innovation and differentiation, not scale alone.


Change is difficult.

Numerof's experience can help you navigate it.

Our solutions help clients understand, adapt to, and achieve success in any evolving landscape. Starting with a disciplined, objective assessment, we help our clients identify gaps and vulnerabilities, define clear goals, and develop the alignment, infrastructure, and capabilities needed to achieve them.

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