Broad perspective leads to breakthrough results.

Numerof brings 25 years of experience across a range of industries in transition, including financial services, technology, industrial manufacturers, utilities, consumer products, and more. Though we’re best known for our focused expertise in healthcare, the complex challenges facing that sector share commonalities with other global businesses. Our unique perspective and approach to strategy development and implementation enables us to help leaders from a variety of industries innovate beyond conventional solutions.

We define an “industry in transition” as one experiencing dramatic shifts in market expectations, the competitive landscape, technology, or regulation. Such change demands that companies challenge fundamental assumptions about their business models, the nature of the products and services they offer, how they go to market, and the processes and capabilities required for success. In such an environment, moving in a new strategic direction or to a higher level of organizational performance can be extraordinarily difficult and fraught with resistance, especially when the current business model has delivered favorable results.

Innovative strategies require roadmaps for change.

Sustained growth in an uncertain environment requires a clear vision for the future, a strategy for reaching it, and a systematic implementation process to make it happen. Bringing these key elements together is challenging, requiring objectivity, capabilities, and time that may be in short supply.

For these reasons, “wait and see” is a common response. But the need to adapt won’t blow over. Fresh thinking, better processes, and different capabilities are needed. Wait too long, and the necessary changes will be too late. With the right approach, organizations can continue to achieve success today while preparing to compete in a new world:

Move beyond incremental planning.

To achieve strategic breakthroughs, companies must engage in conversations that challenge underlying business assumptions, generate innovative strategies, and create thoughtful choices among investment alternatives.

Take a nuanced approach.

To take advantage of emerging opportunities across the globe, you’ll need to understand the critical factors that impact commercial success in different markets.

Adapt to new customer needs.

As incentives and business models change, your customers’ needs are changing, too. Discover what your stakeholders value and use it to drive everything you do.

Transform your cost-control efforts.

The “do more with less” approach won’t be enough. To defend margins, organizations must align their products, processes, and investments with market needs.

Connect your operations with your goals.

The infrastructure required to transform your organization can’t be built overnight. That’s why you need to start now, developing processes and capabilities that are capable of sustaining change.


Change is difficult.

Numerof's experience can help you navigate it.

Our solutions help clients understand, adapt to, and achieve success in any evolving landscape. Starting with a disciplined, objective assessment, we help our clients identify gaps and vulnerabilities, define clear goals, and develop the alignment, infrastructure, and capabilities needed to achieve them.

  • Strategy Development and Implementation

    What do you want to be, and how do you get there?

  • Organizational Infrastructure

    What do you need to sustain performance?

  • Analytics

    What data support your decisions and differentiation?