Success will require a new business model.

Private healthcare insurers face challenges on a number of fronts, and as the U.S. healthcare system demands better care at lower costs, one thing is clear: a complete reassessment of business lines, product portfolios, target segments, and marketing strategies is critical. Insurers who continue to conduct business using traditional models are increasingly vulnerable.

As consumers and plan sponsors demand and receive more transparency, they’re increasingly insisting on new choices and greater value. Delivering on these expectations is about more than tweaking products and messaging. It will require insurers to rethink their place in the business of healthcare, become more responsive to consumers and plan sponsors, and change their relationship with providers.

Elevate the dialogue from transactional to strategic.

To stay viable, insurers must objectively assess the current business model. They’ll need to understand unmet needs, improve segmentation, and define actionable strategies to win in the changing market. They’ll also need to transform their relationships with healthcare delivery partners, working collaboratively to achieve greater economic and clinical value. With the right approach, payers can overcome the industry’s biggest challenges:

Change the incentives.

New payment and delivery models offer a real opportunity to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Payers must take the lead by changing incentives and partnering with providers.

Influence outcomes in new ways.

As transparency increases, payers must find new ways to work with providers and patients to improve outcomes and lower long-term medical spending.

Compete with tailored offerings.

To win in the market, payers must gain a deeper understanding of their customers and develop offerings that deliver greater economic and clinical value.

Transform your cost-control efforts.

In the face of new competition and regulations, tweaking at the margins won’t cut it. Insurers must take new steps to help providers and members alike rein in medical spending.

Connect your operations with your goals.

Transformation doesn’t happen by directive; it happens by aligning your people with strategic objectives. The infrastructure required for change can’t be built overnight. That’s why you need to start now.


Change is difficult.

Numerof's experience can help you navigate it.

Our solutions help healthcare insurance clients understand, adapt to, and achieve success in this evolving landscape. Starting with a disciplined, objective assessment, we help our clients identify gaps and vulnerabilities, define clear goals, and develop the alignment, infrastructure, and capabilities needed to achieve them.

  • Strategy Development and Implementation

    “What do you want to be, and how do you get there?”

  • Organizational Infrastructure

    “What do you need to sustain performance?”

  • Analytics

    “What data support your decisions and differentiation?”