Join a team that’s committed to delivering market-based solutions for clients across the global healthcare sector.

Numerof team members have a passion for improving business results and making a positive impact on the healthcare system. Our consultants and analysts have lived our clients’ challenges in developing and operationalizing strategies responsive to dynamic markets. Learn more about Numerof.

Career Opportunities
Strategy Consulting Analyst – Life Sciences Practice

Driven to discover? Love the details, and figuring out what they mean for businesses across the healthcare sector?

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Strategy Consultant – Life Sciences Practice

Experienced in crafting strategy and improving operations? Join a team addressing healthcare’s toughest problems.

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We won’t deny it – we’re incredibly proud of our colleagues, a diverse group of some of the brightest, most creative, and most dedicated individuals we know. We’re always interested in hearing from talented individuals, even if we aren’t currently advertising an opening. If these roles sound like a match for your interests and experience, let us know.


Numerof consultants lead and work in project teams to develop tailored solutions for a wide range of business challenges. We look to our consulting staff for expertise and creativity in strategy development and implementation, strong analytics and business acumen, a sophisticated understanding of change management and operations leadership, and project management discipline. Consultants also play important roles in marketing and business development.

The true core of our data-driven insights and recommendations, Numerof analysts participate in all aspects of our projects: conducting interviews, researching companies or markets, contributing to project reports and presentations, developing predictive models, and gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. They also play an important role in thought leadership and marketing efforts, often involving research and writing for publication.

Numerof’s operations staff represents the firm to our clients, prospective clients, and partners, contributing to our continued reputation for quality, responsiveness, and insight. These team members deliver to the highest standards of excellence and ensure that even our most complex projects run smoothly.

Our marketing department connects the media with our team members and shares our insights with leaders in the industries we serve. From developing strategies to supporting business development and everything in between, our talented Marketing team members are dedicated to maintaining our reputation for thought leadership in the healthcare sector.

Working at Numerof

The Work

Numerof is dedicated to solving some of toughest problems in healthcare. From healthcare delivery organizations and major payers to global pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics companies, we’re bringing clarity to complex issues to help clients make better decisions and get better results. Numerof staff members are thought leaders, working to develop and implement innovative business and payment models, conducting research, and sharing their insights by writing and speaking.

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The People

Our talented team members come from a range of backgrounds, but they all value discovery, collaboration, and impact. Numerof employees are analytical thinkers and creative problem solvers. Their ideas are innovative and practical, built on a research and technical foundation with strategy and marketing overlays. We know the importance of continuous growth and development, so we help our colleagues deliver to their highest potential with feedback, mentoring, and extensive exposure to senior staff.

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How We Operate

Numerof is a boutique healthcare consulting firm by design. Driven to excellence in all that we do, we’re focused on delivering superior client service that leads to breakthrough results. We’re a meritocracy of ideas, with opportunities to contribute in many different ways, lots of headroom, and a flat structure. In addition, Numerof employees enjoy a work-life balance that is exceptional for the industry, because we use technology and in-depth client engagement to minimize the need for travel.

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By helping our clients take on today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s, we aren’t just helping them envision a better future. We’re helping them create it.