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We see opportunity in every challenge.

For more than 25 years, Numerof’s rigorous, structured approach has solved complex strategic and operational problems for clients in industries in transition.

Changes in the macro environment – in market expectations, regulation, technology, or the competitive landscape – often disrupt business models. We connect the dots, translating market shifts into clear implications, precise, actionable insights, and roadmaps for people, process, and strategy.

Our clients trust us to tell them what they need to hear, driving out risk and capturing value in the process. In every challenge, we see the opportunity to help them take the lead. Contact us today.

Industries in Transition
Operationalizing Strategy
High Impact with a Light Touch

Industries in Transition

When regulation, technology, and market forces threaten to redefine an industry, incremental, reactive changes aren’t enough. We help business leaders thrive in times of transition by challenging fundamental assumptions, anticipating critical issues, and embracing new approaches.

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Operationalizing Strategy

Without effective implementation, even the most brilliant ideas won’t yield results. We bring strategy to life for our clients, helping them create and maintain the structure, processes, and capabilities their organizations need to compete in rapidly changing industries.

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High Impact with a Light Touch

We believe there’s more strength in knowledge than in numbers. Specialized teams of seasoned executives and analysts deliver customized solutions and lasting results efficiently and effectively.

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What we believe

Intuition isn’t enough. We know what works.

We’ve served as trusted advisors to clients across the global healthcare sector, from healthcare delivery organizations and major payers to global pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies. Our insider knowledge and outsider perspective help leaders move beyond conventional solutions to take on today’s challenges, anticipate tomorrow’s, and position themselves for future success.

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Economic and Clinical Value

Numerof has been a leader in defining, developing, and implementing economic and clinical value as a key market differentiator. Clients across the global healthcare sector seek our expertise to build sustainable competitive advantage, from assessing products, portfolios, and services to embedding this orientation in strategies and processes across functions.

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Market-Based Model

We believe in a market-based model for healthcare: a model that puts consumers at the center of decision making, placing meaningful cost and outcome information at their fingertips to help them make reasoned cost and benefit choices. We’re helping business leaders make this vision a reality.

Learn more about the market-based model in our book, Bringing Value to Healthcare.
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Broad Perspective

Industry expertise is critical, but it’s not enough. Numerof’s insights and solutions lead to breakthrough results because they’re informed by our work across a broad range of industries undergoing fundamental change — and by our understanding of the connections throughout the global healthcare sector.

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