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Healthcare Delivery and Payers

Competitive Strategy for Mid-Sized Payers: Creative Collaborations are Key

Chief Healthcare Executive

Long-term success in any industry requires ongoing investment to progress customer-facing capabilities and internal operations. Health insurance is no exception and – one could argue – due to often thin differences among competitors, is a side of the health care ecosystem where smart reinvestment can create the margin to win…

The Numerof 2023 US Health Insurance Outlook


As our Numerof 2023 US Health Insurance Outlook infographic illustrates, this year’s story for health insurance will be about dramatically changing roles and relationships. Payers will engage in new and different ways with providers, consumers, employers, regulators, medical device makers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. All this will come in the context…

The Numerof 2023 US Healthcare Delivery Outlook


For almost three years, Covid-19 has forced our healthcare system to the top of the national agenda. The headlines were constant – from the struggles of an overwhelmed delivery system, to the record-setting development of vaccines, to the waves of infection and the daily tally of cases across the country…