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Consolidation and Competition

Will Biosimilars Meet the Market Similar Test?


The approval last year in the EU of generic Remicade represents a milestone of sorts. Biosimilars aim to replace, or at least compete with, products that generated over $100 billion in worldwide sales in 2013. While Europe has led the way in the development of a regulatory pathway for the…

Value Added Services: What It Takes to Do It Right

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As a strategy to offset declining revenues, companies are testing a variety of initiatives focused on creating value added services (VAS) for drugs and medical devices. Disease management programs have been tried before by product manufacturers with limited success. This new wave differs from prior experiments in that it leverages…

Tighten Up Your Product Lifecycle Management


In today’s global market environment, payers are looking hard to reduce reimbursement and resist paying for incremental product enhancements.  On top of that, manufacturers’ revenue streams continue to be threatened by looming patent expiration dates and the simultaneous influx of generic competition.  What actions should companies consider taking to protect…

The Bar for Product Reimbursement Just Moved Higher

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After seeing their products being rejected in recent years by reimbursement agencies overseas, pharmaceutical manufacturers are suffering the same fate in the U.S., as PBMs refuse to include a growing list of drugs on their formularies.  The country’s largest PBM, Express Scripts, recently announced that 48 products, including a range…

The New Wave of Product Positioning


As the rules for success change, pharmaceutical and medical device companies must rethink their approach to the market. One critical element that requires transformation is product positioning. Historically, a product’s ‘value’ was determined by clinicians as they made decisions about which products to use for their patients. Yet, there is…