New pressures demand a new approach.

Today’s pharmaceutical landscape is volatile. Patents on blockbusters are expiring, regulatory requirements are increasing the cost and time required to develop new products, public distrust and government scrutiny are both at an all-time high — and the implications for commercial strategy are huge. Adding to the pressure, payers across the world are clamping down on new products, line extensions, and price increases, demanding hard comparative clinical and economic data.

The old commercial models, which relied solely on the strength of physician relationships, are rapidly becoming obsolete. Payers now have more control than ever. Buyers have more power, global competitors are growing, and product life cycles have been shortened by an overwhelming number of competitive launches, as well as increased pressure from generics. Meanwhile, demands for pricing transparency are increasing. Physician loyalty means less and less. A strong economic and clinical value case is your linchpin for success.

Carve a competitive niche in a crowded industry.

“Wait and see” is a common response. But the demand for economic and clinical evidence is becoming more pressing. New thinking, processes, and capabilities are needed. Wait too long, and the needed changes will be too late. With the right approach, organizations can continue to achieve success today while preparing to compete based on real economic and clinical value:

Make a compelling case for value (and prove it).

To win in competitive global markets, discover what your stakeholders value. Then use it to drive everything you do, from product development to sales and marketing.

Adapt to new customer needs.

As incentives and business models change, your customers’ needs are changing, too. A focus on value can break through barriers.

Focus your efforts.

In the midst of patent cliffs, rising development costs, competition, and pricing pressures, capture value by identifying the opportunities you should pursue — and refocus your resources around them.

Shape a winning access strategy.

Achieving favorable access globally takes more than a great product. It takes the right evidence, messaging, capabilities, and strategies. Duplicating approaches from the professional and consumer worlds won’t cut it.

Take a nuanced approach.

To take advantage of emerging opportunities across the globe, you’ll need to understand the critical factors that impact access and commercial success in different markets.

Respond to intensifying competition.

As technology gaps close and competitors get bigger, mergers may seem like the only response. The key is innovation and differentiation, not scale alone.


Change is difficult.

Numerof's experience can help you navigate it.

Our solutions help pharmaceutical clients understand, adapt to, and achieve success in this evolving landscape. Starting with a disciplined, objective assessment, we help our clients identify gaps and vulnerabilities, define clear goals, and develop the alignment, infrastructure, and capabilities needed to achieve them.

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