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Defining and Demonstrating Value

Is Medicare Price Negotiation the Solution We Need?

Numerof Brief

On August 29th, the Biden Administration named the 10 drugs that will be subject to price negotiation with Medicare in the initial implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022. Release of the list marked a milestone in a decades-long effort by Democrats to use the purchasing power of…

Big Pharma Needs a Better Business Model, Not More Legislation


When the Trump administration dropped the drug rebate rule it introduced back in January – a rule that intended to prohibit pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) from pocketing some of the rebates they should be passing along to patients – the decision sent shockwaves through the healthcare industry, particularly the pharma…

Engaging in Value-Based Contracts with Providers

Pharmaceutical Executive

With spiraling cost inflation and outcomes that lag many other developed economies, the US government’s healthcare insurance authority (CMS), is driving reform aimed at better quality and lower cost, and private payers are following suit. Both state and private payers are moving toward alternative payment models, like value-based payments, that…

Building Value Considerations into R&D


With spiraling cost inflation and lagging quality indicators driving a transition to a value-based system, public and private payers are using sophisticated tools, including health technology assessment (HTA), to evaluate the benefits of the products they buy. In this environment, companies must demonstrate both clinical efficacy and differentiated economic value…

Transparency Around Value to Support Rational Pricing Discussions


The issue of drug pricing has become a staple of the news cycle, with fresh headlines every few weeks spotlighting either the high cost of new breakthrough drugs, or jaw-dropping price hikes for established products. While these examples represent two very different sets of issues, in the minds of consumers,…