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6 Hurdles to Bundled Pricing

Becker's Hospital Review

Bundled pricing represents an alternative approach to fee-for-service that shifts the risk of extraordinary costs from payers to providers, and it creates incentives for providers to make cost effectiveness a factor in clinical decisions. Both of these outcomes are attractive to payers, who increasingly have an interest in containing healthcare…

ECV as Marketing Strategy: What Payer Changes Mean for Your Business


As payers around the globe increasingly demand more data regarding a product’s value – from comparative information to real-world evidence – companies will need to build the infrastructure and capability set to meet these demands.  These changing requirements for reimbursement have implications that extend from product development through commercialization.  To successfully…

Making the Transition from Volume to Value

AHA’s Center for Healthcare Governance

With healthcare costs now claiming nearly 20% of GDP and quality lagging behind benchmarks, the urgent need to ensure better care at lower cost is increasingly plain to healthcare leadership. Providers at all levels need to begin the shift from a volume-based model to a value-based one that offers the…

Marrying Big Data with Personalized Medicine

BioPharm International

Global healthcare systems are currently undergoing major transformations spurred by increasing regulation, record public debt and shrinking budgets. The U.S. has the dubious distinction of leading the way in this regard. The mandates of the Affordable Care Act, along with shrinking reimbursement to providers are fundamentally changing the operation of…

Does Accountable Care Require an ACO?

Numerof Brief

One consequence of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is that it has everyone in the industry talking about ACOs: What exactly is an ACO? What infrastructure do we need to establish an ACO? Does it even make sense for our organization to become an ACO? These questions remain…

Healthcare Consolidation and What It Means for Manufacturers


As has been true in years past, recent industry consolidation and attempts to leverage size and scale are being used to stave off competitive threat. In the 1990s, hospitals and systems embarked on massive affiliations and buying sprees. Independent hospitals fled to the safety of systems. Hospitals scooped up primary…