Use stakeholder insights to your advantage.

Across industries, the nature of competition is being redefined at an accelerating rate. The balance of power has shifted resolutely in the customer’s direction, consolidation has transformed distribution channels, and businesses find themselves on a global playing field. As these forces rapidly conspire to drive competitors toward commoditization, it’s essential that companies find innovative methods to differentiate their products and services from others in the market. While the challenges are formidable, the opportunities are significant.

To become (and remain) market leaders, businesses must set themselves apart with strategic marketing. By fully understanding the segments within and across markets (including their needs, their influencers, and trends affecting both), they can fine-tune their product development efforts, portfolios, and marketing mix to deliver to their most valuable customers – and beat the competition.

This discipline goes beyond the traditional boundary of the marketing function. It requires instilling a focus on unmet needs, the spaces to own, and how to serve the right target customers. Far more than an annual planning exercise or a discrete market research study, competing on differentiated value also requires the right infrastructure – the processes, capabilities, roles, and accountabilities across departments that make customer-focused strategies come to life.

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