To compete and win, seek new insight and approaches.

The pharmaceutical market is more competitive and price-sensitive than ever. Consolidation, reduced reimbursement, increases in physician employment, and trends toward greater transparency and consumer responsibility have yielded dramatic changes in prescribing and purchasing decision dynamics. These shifts have rendered many existing assumptions in the development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals obsolete.

To adapt quickly – and successfully – fresh thinking is needed. Processes, capabilities, and products must be redefined around a new understanding of stakeholder needs; making incremental changes won’t be enough. The changes underway demand a re-evaluation of existing business models and a clear plan for adapting to the emerging environment.

Pharmaceutical executives look to Numerof for insight into global market dynamics and changing stakeholder needs, and for new ideas to sustain market leadership. We help manufacturers connect the dots in the external environment and identify new ways to deliver value. By translating strategies into operational requirements – from processes to capabilities and role redefinition – we help our clients make change happen. Whether focused on new global market opportunities, new partnerships, or alternative business models, Numerof knows how to bring strategy to life, enabling sustainable competitive advantage.