As the criteria for success evolve, so should your approach.

Incentives, business models, and buyer power are changing, and the impact is far-reaching. The decision-making process and its players are in flux, with new criteria, new input from committees, continued consolidation, marketing restrictions, and emerging provider alliances. Buyers are increasingly looking for pharmaceutical companies to justify their products based on the economic and clinical value they can demonstrate relative to current treatment options. Tight relationships and loyalty among key physicians may still be necessary, but they won’t be sufficient.

Succeeding in this new environment calls for a new commercial model. The implications go beyond simple tweaks to the current sales approach; new skills and approaches will be required, and accountabilities and incentives will need to change. You’ll need to adapt, especially as physicians, payers, and hospital systems begin to operate under risk-based models like bundled pricing and population health. By understanding what your customers are facing and how they’re responding, you can build a stronger value story, a stronger sales approach, and a stronger foundation for a success.

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