Connect R&D and commercial to meet market needs.

Successful economic and clinical value stories are built on a robust research and development foundation. As development costs rise and mergers call for reductions, the industry has responded with alliances, collaborations, and R&D outsourcing. However, the emerging networked model creates new challenges around integrating culture, process, and strategy.  Pharmaceutical executives must overcome these hurdles, ensuring a focus on real unmet needs and consideration of commercial factors in early stages so that R&D delivers products that will be approved and reimbursed.

Meanwhile, scientific advances have created opportunities for targeted therapies, but the processes currently in place are still designed for large-scale clinical trials in broad populations. Volumes of data are also expanding exponentially with new capacity to collect, manage, and manipulate it, though extracting valuable insights from “big data” to address unmet needs still remains a challenge.

At Numerof, we’re helping our clients ask the right questions. We’re assisting them in identifying patient populations where opportunities are promising, helping them consider the operational implications of their strategies, and guiding clinical trial design to generate the real-world evidence demanded by key stakeholders. By enhancing structure, process, and integration of commercial considerations, we’re helping clients shape their success from the ground up.