New players and criteria demand a new approach.

The decision-making process for purchasing medical products is changing, and definitions of value are changing along with it. Payers and hospital administrators have gained influence at the expense of physicians, and the new criteria reflect more institutional concerns. Your success is increasingly dependent on alignment with these new stakeholders. Adapting to these changes won’t be easy.

Success will require an approach that’s radically different from the traditional focus on call reach and frequency. The entire message needs to change, and the organization must evolve to support it. Sales teams must be transformed, not only in size, but also in the necessary skills and capabilities for communicating the economic and clinical value story required. As decision makers grow more focused on value, the commercial organization will need compelling evidence to make its case.

Numerof works across the entire healthcare sector. We understand your customers, because they’re also our clients. We know how the changing landscape impacts a broad range of stakeholders, and what new payment and delivery models mean for manufacturers. We can help you arrive at the new commercial model you need to interact with these evolving customers, including defining the required strategy, infrastructure, roles, accountabilities, and capabilities. With our experience helping global leaders think differently about their go-to-market strategies and our expertise across the healthcare sector, Numerof can help you achieve and maintain commercial success, even as the landscape becomes more complex.