Build a robust economic and clinical value story – and tell it strategically.

Your success as a manufacturer hinges on your portfolio’s economic and clinical value story. Around the world, payers and providers are under pressure to deliver better health outcomes at lower cost, and in turn they are requiring manufacturers to justify their products’ worth. Incremental enhancements are no longer rewarded with the premiums that have been the norm. The hard truth is that every product will be treated as a commodity until its manufacturer can demonstrate its ability to improve care and drive down costs.

Health technology assessment teams within hospital and payer structures are relying more heavily on comparative effectiveness research and real-world evidence. In addition, these customers frequently have their own data on comparative outcomes and cost. Manufacturers must be able to bring compelling data to the table – data that not only makes a strong case versus similar therapies, but also makes comparisons to non-interventional approaches and considers different treatment protocols. Influencing the development of clinical guidelines is another key step, given how important they are in defining treatment care paths.

Ensuring market access is a multidimensional challenge, and the environment is constantly evolving. You need up-to-the-minute, objective guidance to ensure your success. Numerof can help you devise and implement value-based strategies for global markets, from building influential sales teams to developing robust value cases and messaging that resonates with stakeholders. We can help you understand changing market definitions of value, assess strengths and opportunities for products or portfolios, and design research to support new and existing claims. Our guidance on connecting commercial and research functions can help you ensure that a focus on demonstrating value is embedded across the organization and throughout the life cycle. We can also help you evaluate the risks and benefits of outcomes-based contracts to improve product positioning with payers.

With a range of tested tools and approaches and a firm grounding in strategic market insight and the environmental context, we’ve helped our clients discover new opportunities for differentiating their products, achieving favorable access, growing share, and exceeding expectations.