Don't make market access strategy your last step.

Manufacturers need to adapt to a market where winners and losers are increasingly determined by their ability to meet the needs of all stakeholders — not just physicians. Now that payers have more influence on purchasing decisions than ever before, pharmaceutical companies must provide compelling economic and clinical data before they can expect reimbursement – let alone a favorable price. Waiting until commercialization nears to start building the case for a payer may be tempting, but it’s unlikely to be successful.

To ensure payers across the globe will pay for your product, you’ll need to address market access considerations early. That means asking tough questions – about unmet needs, differentiation versus alternatives available and in development, policy trends, advocacy groups, and real economic implications for stakeholders – ahead of making development and M&A decisions. It also means developing new capabilities throughout your business, from R&D, all the way to sales.

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