Connect R&D with market realities to ensure ROI.

R&D strategy has traditionally involved sporadic technological breakthroughs followed by waves of incremental improvement, often driven more by what was possible than by what was needed. That model is history, made obsolete by a growing focus on economic and clinical value. The new R&D strategy – the one that delivers ROI – will be informed by feedback from the field and a deeper understanding of unmet needs, nuanced by segmentation.

The growing focus on value puts a premium on research demonstrating outcomes that matter to patients and institutional buyers. It also means longer lifecycles and the end of one-size-fits-all product design. Expanding opportunities in the developing world demand a new balance of functionality and cost, and globalization ensures that unmet needs won’t remain so for long.

At Numerof, we’re helping our clients ask the right questions. We’re assisting them in identifying patient populations where opportunities are promising, helping them consider the operational implications of their strategies, and guiding clinical trial design to generate the real-world evidence demanded by key stakeholders. By enhancing structure, process, and integration of commercial considerations, we’re helping clients shape their success from the ground up.