Capitalize on strategic market insights.

In an environment characterized by new regulations, new pricing challenges, new decision makers and new competitors, companies must take a hard look at their portfolios and pipelines, as well as their criteria for prioritization, investments, and resource allocation. They must consider the needs of the most attractive geographic and therapeutic markets, and ensure that their products and services represent differentiated solutions. They’ll also need to decide whether their portfolio should be supplemented through service wraps or other offerings that add value beyond the product.

At Numerof, we believe that the processes and tools that enable portfolio management must be rooted in an understanding of the company’s strategic priorities, the products’ economic and clinical value, and target market dynamics. We’ve helped global medical device manufacturers define strategic goals, identify trends, frame key portfolio issues, design and implement decision-making processes, and find answers that enable more effective portfolio strategy execution. Together, these steps can improve the portfolio, segmentation, and positioning, maximizing value and profitability.