Connect the dots across established and emerging markets.

As profit pools shrink in developed economies, attention has shifted to opportunities in emerging markets, and expectations are high. But the formula for success from one won’t necessarily work in another. At the other extreme, customization for specific markets taken too far can lead to fragmentation in messaging and operations, and leave value on the table.

How can medical device companies achieve optimal integration of strategy and operations across global and local levels? Understanding differences in regulation, key stakeholders and their needs, and critical factors affecting commercial success in each market is an important starting point. However, maximizing value requires a structured approach for gathering the right intelligence within a given market and making connections to inform global strategies. Balance is also critical; while the same messages and products won’t garner the same reaction from every market, consistency is still crucial. Medical device manufacturers will need to adapt their strategies, portfolios, and messages for various markets, maintaining flexibility without sacrificing the benefits of scale.

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