Compete and win with the right data.

As price sensitivity grows, so do stakeholder demands for greater economic and clinical value. And as the pressure increases, the risk for margin erosion does, too. Consider the high bar for regulatory approval and reimbursement, new payment models that reward prevention over intervention, and the shift of purchasing decisions away from individual physicians. In addition, consumers now have more skin in the game than ever.

It’s time to rethink your marketing strategy. To succeed in this environment, medical device companies will need to discover what stakeholders really value, and use that knowledge to refocus product development, sales, marketing, and more. To demonstrate value beyond the product alone, and beyond what your competitors are offering, you’ll need to gather the right data – from market and competitive intelligence to post-market studies and real-world evidence – and leverage it with messaging that speaks to the unmet needs of payers, patients, and providers. Your value proposition is your key to success.

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