Bridge to new payment and delivery models.

There’s no question that current payment and delivery models need to change, but just how to make that change happen has eluded many. Neither payers nor providers can develop a new framework on their own – they must work in tandem. Payers will need to think and operate differently, collaborating with providers in new ways.

Transforming a way of doing business requires a clear strategic vision, a thoughtful approach, and firm resolve in the face of great resistance. We know, because we’ve worked across a range of industries in transition in the healthcare sector and beyond. We also understand what it takes to help providers manage variation, lower costs, and deliver better outcomes, because they’re our clients.

We’re proud to be known as thought leaders in population health, bundled pricing, and other risk-based models, with experience across a range of therapeutic areas. From pressure-testing efforts already underway to developing new strategies and implementation plans, Numerof’s structured approaches are grounded in rigorous analytics, strategy, and a keen understanding of the requirements for change.