Contracts alone won’t lead to better outcomes and lower costs.

To achieve real results, payers will need to influence changes in provider behavior. Payer-provider collaboration is needed now more than ever, which means that adversarial relationships need to be turned into true partnerships. Incentives and service level agreements must be structured that ensure the right care is delivered in the right setting – at the right quality standards. Network design must be used as a lever to enhance the outcomes your plan achieves, and the value story that will be increasingly critical to win new covered lives.

Moving in a new direction with your network will take a unified strategy and a nuanced approach. Numerof’s perspective can help. Our extensive experience with providers enables us to provide guidance on establishing shared goals, improving collaboration, and finding new ways to improve patient safety and outcomes through the design of effective initiatives and incentives. We understand the challenges of influencing process improvement and better management of variation in cost and quality, and use our knowledge to craft practical strategies and implementation plans.