Data isn’t the same thing as information.

Data is everywhere, but data alone isn’t enough. Whether analyzing markets to inform strategy or identifying the sources of cost and quality variability at the institutional and individual provider levels, arriving at the right insights is critical. Payers need to understand stakeholder needs, evaluate alternatives, and execute initiatives that improve outcomes and reduce cost – and to do so they need to know the right questions to ask. In today’s dynamic environment, there’s little room for error.

Numerof can help. Using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed inputs, we know how to use data to drive risk out of client decision making. From intelligence on the external environment and its potential impact on your business, to research on what key stakeholders really need and want, we translate the big picture into specific implications.

Numerof brings sophistication and rigor to analytics. Our team members have scientific and research foundations with marketing and strategy overlays. We take a creative and disciplined approach to working with data, integrating our understanding of the broader market context to yield powerful insights that enable better decisions and improve corporate performance.