Success hinges on planning and strategic insight.

In a competitive environment, M&A can be a valuable tool for accessing new geographic or therapeutic markets, bringing in new capabilities and services, and achieving economies of scale. However, most mergers never achieve the strategic and financial objectives that originally justified the investment. Success requires robust processes, planning, and analytics – before and after the deal.

We believe that M&A strategy has to start with a clear understanding of the external market and an organization’s capabilities and objectives. Numerof’s disciplined, structured approach takes macro trends and context into account, helping payers formulate successful strategies, identify opportunities, and evaluate targets. We know how to assess compatibility from strategic, financial, and cultural perspectives.

Once the deal goes through, effective integration is key. We help merging entities establish metrics for monitoring progress, engage stakeholders, and define strategic agendas going forward. We also have extensive experience in areas that are often overlooked, such as redefining roles, accountabilities, and incentives.