Build a better value story for the space you want to own.

The healthcare marketplace is changing dramatically, with greater transparency, increased demands for value, and a more active consumer. As individual and group policy purchasers become more accustomed to shopping, they’ll be looking for compelling value stories about networks, service, plan features, and more – especially now that regulation has led to more uniformity in benefits. They’ll also want to understand quality of care and outcomes that your plans deliver. Payers still trying to compete under the old rules will lose share and margins to more agile players and nontraditional competitors.

Numerof can guide you to differentiate and win on the factors that consumers and plan sponsors value. We can help you assess the market and identify unmet needs, providing a foundation from which new offerings and sustainable points of differentiation can be developed. Our sophisticated modeling and analytic capabilities can help you understand what matters and make a rigorous case for economic and clinical value.