Payer-provider alignment is critical in the new environment.

Health plans are increasingly under pressure from frustrated employers and consumers who don’t feel that they’re seeing the outcomes they should for the amount they’re spending. Especially as transparency demands grow, quality will become a factor for choosing not just providers, but also payers.

Pushing for cost reductions and putting wellness programs in place won’t be enough. While insurers may not directly control care delivery, they can and must influence it. Those organizations that recognize they have a deeper stake in the performance of their networks and invest accordingly will prevail over others that still view themselves as financing mechanisms only.

Making an impact on outcomes is at its core about behavior change among physicians, administrators, and patients. Identifying the necessary changes will require data, and more importantly, knowing which questions to ask and how to translate information into action.

Innovative payment and delivery models, reporting tools, and patient engagement efforts can help payers and providers achieve their goals in tandem. New approaches to contracting and establishing networks can help ensure that collaborative, high performing providers are incentivized appropriately and that your plans deliver the results that buyers demand.

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