Build tomorrow’s model as you manage today’s.

It’s tempting to put off planning for tomorrow when today’s model is generating healthy returns, but doing so can leave an organization unable to deliver on its mission or even survive. With growing pressure on reimbursement, increasing accountability for cost and quality, intensifying competition, and demands for transparency, the stakes are higher than ever.

Times of significant change demand that organizations challenge fundamental assumptions about their business models, the nature of the products and services they offer, how they go to market, and requirements for success. For healthcare delivery executives, the questions are numerous: How can we better monetize areas of clinical and operational strength? Do we understand our target market? What’s our retail strategy? How can we more effectively meet patient needs beyond traditional bricks and mortar? Where should we specialize, and what service lines should we exit? How can we deliver more value to all of our stakeholders? The implications for capital investments, human resource requirements, and other high profile, high-stakes decisions are huge.

Numerof believes that strategy must be informed by solid data on market realities, an understanding of anticipated shifts, and a willingness to confront challenging issues. Since implementation success depends on having the right processes, capabilities, and cultural elements in place, we build a shared understanding of the road ahead, identify metrics for success, and operationalize strategies for achieving them. We leverage our experience with organizations not only in healthcare, but also across other industries in transition — organizations that have navigated troubled waters and succeeded in the face of similar risks and challenges.