Delivering the right care across the continuum calls for a new approach.

Increasingly, organizations across the sector are looking to population health management to stem growth in healthcare spending and address lagging quality. While the term is sometimes broadly defined, the core concept is improving a specific group’s overall health status while lowering the cost of their care through better coordination and increased efficiency across the continuum.

Managing population health requires a radically different approach – one in which the right care is delivered at the right time, in the right setting, and by the right provider. From the start, a clear understanding of patient demographics, health status, diagnoses, services, costs, and reimbursement across the care continuum is needed. But as difficult as it can be, getting the data is the easy part.

Provider organizations need systematic approaches to measuring quality, implementing clinical interventions, and managing transitions. They also need to establish partnerships and service level agreements with the appropriate providers across the continuum, and negotiate with payers. Diligent monitoring of costs, patient behavior, and key outcomes is critical. Holding administrative and clinical leaders accountable for results will be even more important.

Regarded as being among the foremost experts in the population health space, Numerof has deep experience with the range of associated clinical, operational, and cultural challenges.  From early stage planning to analytics and implementation, our team knows what it takes to accelerate progress and build sustainable internal capabilities. While the transition can be overwhelming, Numerof can provide a roadmap for bridging to this new model for payment and delivery, and help you deliver better clinical and financial results today.