Find the path to improved outcomes and reduced costs.

The successful implementation of evidence-based medicine (EBM) is critical to achieving better outcomes at lower cost. Healthcare delivery organizations looking to improve their results must be willing to take big steps, starting with the development of predictive care paths — the structures at the heart of EBM. The best predictive care paths standardize practice while providing appropriate flexibility to physicians, helping to eliminate undesirable variation that can compromise quality and cost requirements.

To successfully enhance EBM, leaders must work with clinicians to develop and implement guidelines and process changes, thoughtfully communicating the importance and rationale behind them and addressing concerns and resistance. They must obtain physician buy-in, collaborate with care teams to make necessary adjustments, and ensure the proper incentives are in place. They must also monitor adherence to new guidelines — and take steps to correct problems if needed.

Numerof helps healthcare delivery organizations identify the specific steps they need to successfully implement or improve evidence-based medicine: from organizational alignment and clinician engagement, to building flexible frameworks and successfully using data to monitor and achieve quality improvements. Our clinical expertise, strategic perspective, analytic rigor, and knowledge of change dynamics enable us to bring lasting impact to care delivery, from individual service lines to entire organizations.