Financial viability starts with transformative leadership.

High-volume, high-margin procedures are under scrutiny from payers and employers determined to rein in spending. Outlier behaviors driving length-of-stay and cost-per-case issues go unchecked due to a lack of good data and fears of losing referrals. In addition, the margins most healthcare executives accept as “typical” still aren’t enough to support the investments required to compete, even after cost-reduction cycles and efforts to improve efficiencies.

To improve margins, many healthcare executives have focused on incremental efforts, hoping that big changes won’t really be needed — or at least not needed during their tenure. But with better data and insights, leaders can challenge historical norms, redefine how care is delivered, and dramatically change cost structures. Engaged, better-informed leaders can drive meaningful margin improvement if they’re willing to redefine key roles, hold people accountable for outcomes, and engage physicians in managing cost and quality.

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