Take the lead with new ideas and greater value.

The old tricks for growth and differentiation aren’t enough anymore. Extending your system’s reach through M&A, employing doctors, and laying down new bricks and mortar may still have a place, but the nature of competition has changed dramatically.

Pressure to keep costs down has meant narrower networks, more medical tourism, and new entrants from retail and other sectors. Growing transparency and demands for value have led consumers, employers, and payers to shop for the best care at the lowest cost. Industry leaders are vying for patients on a national level, projecting their brands and carving out lucrative services. The innovators are thriving, but many providers are finding themselves unable to keep up under the new rules.

In this new, intensely competitive environment, the winners won’t just be the biggest systems with the latest technology or the best patient experience. Instead, they’ll be the organizations that have built advantageous capabilities, partnered creatively, developed alternative ways to provide services and generate revenue, and perhaps most importantly, invested in delivering and demonstrating greater economic and clinical value.

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