A market-based solution for delivering greater value.

Bundled payments are a powerful tool for aligning incentives, keeping costs in check, and achieving better outcomes – that’s why they’re at the top of the agenda for payers and providers alike. Increasingly, leading healthcare delivery organizations are seeing opportunity in bundled price offerings and recognizing them as an important milestone on the road to managing population health. Whether motivated to differentiate and grow share, access other geographic markets, or simply prepare for anticipated changes in payment models, systems wanting to stay competitive have concluded it’s in their best interest to be able to deliver at risk.

Deceptively simple sounding, this radically different approach presents significant challenges – it’s much more than just setting a price. Failing to consider the many requirements for success can invite both organizational and financial setbacks.

Regarded as being among the foremost experts in the bundled pricing space, Numerof offers end-to-end solutions that address every critical perspective — clinical, financial, strategic, and cultural. We’ve helped clients determine what services to bundle, define their offer, implement care paths, understand the competitive set, tell their value story, manage variation, and achieve organizational buy-in. We also work with clients to build alliances, negotiate with payers, and commercialize their offers. The move toward this approach isn’t easy, but thinking differently about managing costs and quality will differentiate your organization in the eyes of patients, payers, and physicians – and translate into meaningful financial benefits.