Long taken for granted, premium oncology drug pricing is coming under fire. Payers are experimenting with new tools to manage oncology costs. Emerging reimbursement models separate physician income from prescribing decisions. Providers, payers, and patients are increasingly asking about cost-effectiveness, quality of life, and outcomes.

Are you ready for the Future of the U.S. Oncology Market?

Download this 29-page whitepaper for the practical insights and critical data points you need to know:

  • Why increased scrutiny is coming to the oncology space
  • How payers are changing the game in managing oncology costs
  • What consolidation, care path adoption, and other shifts among providers mean for manufacturers
  • How trends around the globe indicate where the US is likely to go
  • What manufacturers must do to prepare for a new environment

Informed by Numerof’s work with providers, payers, and manufacturers and illuminated with interviews with payers and other key stakeholders, this whitepaper translates complex dynamics into clear implications.

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