It’s a tough time to be a health system chief executive officer (CEO).  Rising consumerism, new competition, and payment models designed to keep patients out of acute care are forcing hospital-centric enterprises to rethink their delivery models.  Articles and news feeds rife with stories about hospital closings, layoffs, and the shuttering of underutilized services and facilities serve as constant reminders that old delivery models are no longer working.

Organizations that excel in building integrated care delivery ecosystems and lasting consumer relationships based on a differentiated brand promise and superior outcomes will be the ones that find success.  The strategies, facilities, organizational capabilities and leadership competencies that served health systems well in the antiquated fee-for-service world are becoming burdens as the industry shifts to value. Fortunately, there’s a roadmap for moving forward that will not only position systems for long-term success but will help them improve performance and protect margins during their transition to market-based delivery models.

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