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Numerof State of Population Health Survey

Population health management has been a national topic of conversation, but to date little effort has been devoted to tracking the actual progress that’s been made toward this new model of care. Now in its sixth year, Numerof’s State of Population Health survey provides an in-depth, national look at the…

The Numerof 2021 US Healthcare Delivery Outlook


Even with the election over, healthcare remains in the spotlight. The Supreme Court’s decision regarding the legality of the Affordable Care Act is the next act, to be followed by action on drug pricing, surprise medical billing, and more broadly, action to lower the cost of care.

The Numerof 2021 Global Medical Device Outlook


As our Numerof 2021 Global Medical Device Outlook infographic illustrates, this year’s story for medical device manufacturers will be about continuing to adapt to pressures on price and demands for value. You’ll continue to engage in new and different ways with healthcare delivery, physicians, regulators, public and private payers, consumers,…