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Portfolio Strategy

Managing Portfolios to Deliver Economic and Clinical Value

Applied Clinical Trials

Economic and clinical value has become the basis for both differentiation and maintaining premium pricing, and the importance of the economic and clinical value case is likely only to increase. This trend is truly global in scope, applies to multiple key stakeholder groups (payers, physicians, and patients), and is particularly…

Market Segmentation in the New Healthcare Landscape


Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies are being asked – if not required – to demonstrate that their products deliver economic and clinical value to a wide range of stakeholders, including payers, providers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and patients.  In the past, regulatory approval alone was sufficient to successfully bring a new product…

The Bullish Outlook for Biosimilars

BioPharm International

There are several important reasons for stakeholders to be optimistic about prospects for biosimilars. During the past few years, questions about the underlying technology and market acceptance have begun to resolve themselves in a positive manner. Regulatory pathways are being defined, and major players and investments are lining up. Most…

Tighten Up Your Product Lifecycle Management


In today’s global market environment, payers are looking hard to reduce reimbursement and resist paying for incremental product enhancements.  On top of that, manufacturers’ revenue streams continue to be threatened by looming patent expiration dates and the simultaneous influx of generic competition.  What actions should companies consider taking to protect…

ECV as Marketing Strategy: What Payer Changes Mean for Your Business


As payers around the globe increasingly demand more data regarding a product’s value – from comparative information to real-world evidence – companies will need to build the infrastructure and capability set to meet these demands.  These changing requirements for reimbursement have implications that extend from product development through commercialization.  To successfully…

Market Access — Global Challenges for Oncology Drugs


Oncology drug and biologics makers face increasing demands for data that demonstrates the benefit and cost-effectiveness of their products. Not only are treatment cost increases considered unsustainable, questions about new product effectiveness are being openly raised by physicians and payers alike. Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly being expected to demonstrate the…