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Telehealth After Covid-19 – There’s No Turning Back

Numerof Brief

Well before Covid-19 came on the scene, telehealth had earned its stripes as a cost-effective care delivery and population health platform.  Despite numerous benefits, telehealth’s potential was marginalized by the lobbying efforts of hospitals, medical associations, and specialists seeking to defend their turf and the lucrative nature of current fee-for-service…

Six Keys to Focusing on Social Determinants with the Biggest Economic Impact


Historically, the incentives built into fee-for-service (FFS) payment models actually encouraged providers to ignore social determinants of health (SDH) that impact health outcomes. For example, providers were financially rewarded when “frequent flyers” were readmitted, and it was easy to rationalize such factors as “out of scope”. Ignoring vulnerable populations’ socioeconomic…

Growing Your Market in a Value-Based World


As part of their growth strategy, more hospital executives are seeking to extend the geographic reach of their centers of excellence.To do this successfully, they’ll need to move beyond the hospital-centric focus of past expansion efforts. They’ll need to build an efficient, high-quality-care model that spans the continuum; the marketing…

Implementing the Chronic Care Model: A Grassroots Approach

Physician Leadership Journal

Chronic diseases have largely replaced acute illness as the major driver of health care costs in the United States.1  However, most medical practices are organized along the transactional model established for treatment of acute illness, in which a single office visit is used to diagnose and treat an illness or…