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Organizational Infrastructure

Cultivating Physician Leaders of the Future

Medical Economics

Driven by unsustainable cost increases, increased public and regulatory scrutiny, as well as shifting alliances, healthcare is undergoing a radical transformation.  New competitors, value-conscious employers and consumers, new technologies, changing payment models, and shrinking reimbursements are altering where and how care is delivered.  As a result, healthcare organizations are under…

Built to Flail: Why the Culture of Healthcare Needs to Be Addressed, Stat!


The chief innovation officer of a highly regarded integrated delivery network recently lamented: “Getting people to change is the hard part.” This is a common refrain in administrative suites and medical executive committee meetings as healthcare systems struggle to respond to a marketplace where new competitors and delivery models are…

Building the Infrastructure to Support Value-based Care

Becker's Hospital Review

Mounting pressure to deliver better care at lower cost is driving profound change across healthcare. Consolidation, new sources of competition, and new payment models like bundled pricing and population health demand new priorities in operational and strategic management. Success will depend on leadership realigning organizational expectations and accountabilities with the…

The Path to Population Health

Trustee Magazine

Healthcare in the U.S. is being challenged from all fronts, with changes in regulations, reimbursement, competition… and even the definition of the consumer.  This shifting environment has caused considerable economic concern among all of the stakeholders: providers and physicians are worried about revenues, and payers and patients are worried about…

Critical Management Tools for Getting Costs Under Control

Physician Leadership Journal

As the national debate continues over spending, deficits, taxes and the fiscal direction of he country, one point of general agreement is that fundamental change to the American healthcare system is needed: healthcare costs must be brought under control. As hospitals grapple with ways to adapt, physician leaders have a critical…

Transparency in Healthcare: Coming to Your Hospital Soon!


In August, 2013, Priority Health claimed the title of first health plan in Michigan to publish specific, regionalized health care costs and quality information by procedure, facility and physician.  The company launched this tool so plan members could review and compare prices and quality for more than 300 of the…