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Key Considerations for Entering Into Risk Sharing


Anyone looking at the healthcare system in the U.S. agrees that the dual goals of any reform have to be better outcomes at lower cost.  However these two factors, cost and quality, have not previously been linked — a situation that is almost unique to healthcare.  Imagine purchasing a new…

Creating Disruptive Innovation

Numerof Brief

The outlook for private health insurance remains fraught with uncertainty.  After decades of financial success, it’s difficult for many in the industry to think about meaningfully changing the current model beyond responding to the latest reinterpretation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, no business model cast in stone can…

Tighten Up Your Product Lifecycle Management


In today’s global market environment, payers are looking hard to reduce reimbursement and resist paying for incremental product enhancements.  On top of that, manufacturers’ revenue streams continue to be threatened by looming patent expiration dates and the simultaneous influx of generic competition.  What actions should companies consider taking to protect…

Transparency in Healthcare: Coming to Your Hospital Soon!


In August, 2013, Priority Health claimed the title of first health plan in Michigan to publish specific, regionalized health care costs and quality information by procedure, facility and physician.  The company launched this tool so plan members could review and compare prices and quality for more than 300 of the…

Diagnosing and Treating Readmissions


Hospital readmissions arguably are one of the biggest clinical issues facing healthcare systems today.  Otherwise known as “bouncebacks”, readmissions have proven to be extremely costly, and are taken as a concrete metric of inadequate quality.  According to a September 19, 2013 study in The New England Journal of Medicine, nearly…

Real World Evidence: Medical Device and Diagnostic Perspectives


The life sciences industry faces an unprecedented number of challenges led by concerns about escalating healthcare costs. With a consolidating payer base increasingly driving healthcare decision-making, more evidence of both safety and effectiveness is required than randomized clinical trials (RCTs) — the familiar “gold standard” — can offer. Against this…