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The Breakthrough Designation Program: Four Factors for Long Term Success


The FDA’s Breakthrough Therapy Designation — created when the FDA Safety and Innovation Act was signed on 9 July 2012 — is in its second year after a successful start.  Enacted to provide another mechanism to accelerate the path of critical therapeutics to market, the statute has exceeded expectations.  The…

Using Data to Link Product Value and Price


While the pharmaceutical and medical device industries have found themselves in a turbulent healthcare marketplace rife with changing regulations, new competitive challenges, and increasing pricing pressures, the end goal for manufacturers remains the same — product reimbursement and optimal pricing.  These two terms are regularly linked together because reimbursement is…

Healthcare Alliances — Ensuring ROI from an Affiliation

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The most difficult challenges hospitals face in an affiliation or acquisition are not price or financial due diligence, but cultural issues.  In fact, the most significant problems that occur post-acquisition usually are directly attributable to insufficient integration planning, a poorly defined vision for the combined company, and an underestimation of…

Healthcare Alliances — Considerations for Leadership

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As the pressure to deal with a dynamic market and changing regulatory environment continues to increase, many hospitals are considering some form of affiliation or acquisition to bolster their competitive position.  Healthcare consolidation is driven by a number of factors, most often including the need to build referrals, gain market…

Does Accountable Care Require an ACO?

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One consequence of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is that it has everyone in the industry talking about ACOs: What exactly is an ACO? What infrastructure do we need to establish an ACO? Does it even make sense for our organization to become an ACO? These questions remain…