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Rising to the Challenge of Transparency: Key Next Steps for Healthcare Leaders

Numerof Brief

The healthcare delivery world is rapidly becoming more transparent. Efforts by consumers, the government, and private institutions to make price and quality data available are growing – and they will transform how healthcare executives think and operate. Neither a hard-earned reputation nor brand equity purchased with expensive advertising are enough…

Five Steps to Monetizing the Value of Your Care


The time has come for organizations with superior outcomes to translate that critical asset into revenue. From defining your care model to refining your processes, here is how to monetize care value. Olmsted Medical Center’s 80,000-square-foot Women’s Health Pavilion assembles all women’s health services under one roof. Offering a high-quality,…

Transparency, Transformation and Trust

Trustee Magazine

Neither a hard-earned reputation nor brand equity purchased with expensive advertising are enough to maintain consumers’ trust. Increasingly, for non-emergent care, consumers want to know how much a procedure will cost, and they want to compare providers’ quality, safety and outcomes records. They want transparency, with essential information provided in…

How to Get Premium Reimbursement for Premium Care

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More than a decade of spiraling healthcare inflation combined with fiscal contraction and stagnant wage growth have put the cost of care in the spotlight.  Payers and employers are increasingly looking to reduce their healthcare expenditures, while still obtaining high quality care for their subscribers and employees.  Simultaneously, there is…

Creating Disruptive Innovation

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The outlook for private health insurance remains fraught with uncertainty.  After decades of financial success, it’s difficult for many in the industry to think about meaningfully changing the current model beyond responding to the latest reinterpretation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, no business model cast in stone can…