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Bundled Pricing

4 Cultural Challenges of Bundled Pricing

Becker's Hospital Review

Historically, a cardinal rule guiding decision making in hospitals was that administrators made decisions on administrative matters, but decisions impacting physicians and their practice of medicine could only be made by other physicians. However, as organizations respond to current cost and quality pressures by making pricing more transparent through bundling…

Cultural Challenges of Bundled Pricing

Trustee Magazine

Recent changes in the external healthcare environment have greatly altered the landscape in which hospitals operate. Strategies that may have worked for institutions in the past are no longer viable. Hospitals are being forced to do more with fewer resources, straining management and employees alike. The pace of change is…

Bundled Pricing: Strategies for Success

Becker's Hospital Review

The spiraling costs of healthcare have pushed the entire system to the brink. To make matters worse, quality in the US lags other developed economies. This has precipitated a backlash demanding both better care and lower cost. Although the main focus of reform legislation was on improving access through regulation…

Bundled Pricing: Overcoming the First Hurdles

hfm Magazine

Bundled pricing is an innovation in healthcare delivery that promises to deliver reduced costs, improved quality, and greater transparency. At a high level, the concept is a single fixed price for a defined set of physician and facility services with a specified quality outcome. Currently being piloted by a small…

3 Financial Challenges of Bundled Pricing

Becker's Hospital Review

The concept of bundled pricing is gaining momentum as a reimbursement model designed to address demands for better health outcomes at lower cost. Promising to deliver a standardized set of services for a fixed price with specific quality commitments will create incentives — lacking in the current fee-for-service payment system…

Bundled Pricing: Getting Physician Buy-In

Becker's Hospital Review

The health care industry has reached a point where all four of the key constituent groups (providers, physicians, payers, and patients) have significant economic concerns — providers and physicians about their revenues, and payers and patients about the affordability of care. As a result, concepts like “bundled pricing” — which…