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Alliance Strategy and Implementation

Healthcare Alliances — Considerations for Leadership

Numerof Brief

As the pressure to deal with a dynamic market and changing regulatory environment continues to increase, many hospitals are considering some form of affiliation or acquisition to bolster their competitive position.  Healthcare consolidation is driven by a number of factors, most often including the need to build referrals, gain market…

7 Steps to Population Health

Becker's Hospital Review

In an effort to broaden availability of healthcare insurance coverage and to control spiraling premiums and underlying costs, Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2010.  While the law’s ability to address these issues has been called into question, the legislation was ultimately an indicator of…

Managing Key Physician Groups as Major Accounts (Part 2)


In our previously published companion article, we made the case that hospitals and health delivery systems need a systematic and proactive focus on managing physician relations, especially with key physician groups that generate a disproportionate share of hospital referrals. We also suggested that hospitals and systems could borrow profitably from…

Does Accountable Care Require an ACO?

Numerof Brief

One consequence of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is that it has everyone in the industry talking about ACOs: What exactly is an ACO? What infrastructure do we need to establish an ACO? Does it even make sense for our organization to become an ACO? These questions remain…

Managing Key Physician Groups as Major Accounts (Part 1)


Imagine a company with a limited number of major accounts that generate a majority of its revenues. The CEO is principally responsible for managing the relationship with those accounts, and he is the first one they call when operational issues arise. Does this sound like an effective way to do…

Building Revenue Through Stronger Physician Relations

hfm Magazine

For many healthcare systems, one of the most under-leveraged opportunities to drive revenue growth and improve strategic focus is the proactive management of physician relations. This is not to say that healthcare executives don’t take physician relations seriously. There is recognition in the industry that physicians are critical to a…