Increasingly, manufacturers are feeling pressure to modify their commercial models in light of changes in the market environment. As healthcare delivery organizations consolidate into integrated delivery networks (IDNs) product decision-making processes are changing. The move to institutional decision-making impacts how purchase decisions get made, by whom, and the criteria used, to name just a few of the implications. This shift in decision-making  is further intensifying pressure as manufacturers try to find new ways to get in front of clinicians and population based decision makers (PBDMs). Manufacturers must challenge the assumptions behind their commercial models if they plan to remain viable. Future commercial success will depend on rapid realignment of marketing and sales with the evolving purchasing decision processes of IDNs.

While there is growing realization across the industry that a new commercial approach is needed, many manufacturers are uncertain about what that new approach should be. The old model of intensive physician engagement and extensive product promotion is well understood, but increasingly ineffective. Less understood is what a value-driven approach geared for new constituencies and decision-making criteria looks like.

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