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Numerof Interviewed on CVS Health’s Expansion of HealthHUBs

June 4, 2019

President Dr. Rita Numerof and Managing Partner Michael Abrams both spoke to media outlets about CVS’s plans to expand their healthcare services. Abrams shared with Modern Healthcare why simply adding these “HealthHUBs” may not be enough: The way they run their operations now, in general, their culture is not one…

Numerof Interviewed on Best Buy’s Move into the Healthcare Business

May 30, 2019

Managing Partner Michael Abrams spoke with Managed Healthcare Executive about Best Buy’s foray into the healthcare space and what can be learned from nontraditional companies thinking strategically about healthcare. Health execs looking for a safe template—a plan of action that has been tried over and over by others—will likely miss…

Numerof Interviewed on JPMorgan’s Acquisition of InstaMed

May 17, 2019

President Dr. Rita Numerof and Managing Partner Michael Abrams were both interviewed by media outlets on JPMorgan’s acquisition of InstaMed. Abrams shared with FierceHealthcare what the purchase could mean for Haven, the joint venture the company shares with Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway. Haven is more likely to be the recipient of…

Numerof Interviewed on Departure of Haven COO

May 17, 2019

Managing Partner Michael Abrams spoke with Modern Healthcare about the recent departure of Haven’s COO, Jack Stoddard, and its implications on the joint-venture. Abrams shared that it shouldn’t be a major stumbling block for Haven. The Haven partners are pursuing opportunities that are most closely aligned with their strategic capabilities.…

Numerof Interviewed on Surprise Medical Bills

May 10, 2019

President Dr. Rita Numerof spoke with CBS News on surprise medical billing and ideas being proposed by Congress to eliminate surprise bills. Critics of current laws say they don’t prevent providers from billing the consumers directly and new legislation is needed to protect patients. Read the full story at…

Numerof Interviewed on Medicare Spending

April 22, 2019

Managing Partner Michael Abrams spoke with reporters at Modern Healthcare and FierceHealthcare about the newly released report from the Social Security and Medicare boards of trustees and why it should be of concern to hospitals. The writing is on the wall that healthcare providers need to figure out how to…