January 24, 2017

Multiple leading publications have recently featured Numerof staff perspectives on healthcare reform, including FierceHealthcare, Healthcare Finance News, Becker’s Hospital Review, and CNBC.

In an interview with FierceHealthcare, President Rita Numerof shared perspectives on the recent Trump executive order and healthcare reform more broadly.

“We didn’t get here overnight,” Numerof told FierceHealthcare in an exclusive interview, “and it won’t be gone overnight.” …

This new round of reform will help fix serious problems that plague the healthcare industry, such as lack of price transparency and accountability, according to Numerof. It’s a second chance to get healthcare reform right, she says.

In an interview with Healthcare Finance News, Managing Partner Michael Abrams explained that the executive order doesn’t come as a surprise, and shouldn’t raise alarms.

“It’s not like someone flipped a switch,” said Michael Abrams, co-founder, vice president and managing partner of Numerof and Associates. “I look at this and think no one should be surprised that Trump is setting forth the framework after all the campaigning…”

Abrams’ comments were also included in coverage of healthcare leaders’ responses to the executive order in Becker’s Hospital Review.

“The takeaway for healthcare industry players (and consumers) is that Trump intends to follow through on his promise to revamp the fundamentals of the ACA. … There’s also no reason for physicians, hospital executives or pharmaceutical companies to hit the panic button.”

Numerof’s comments on healthcare reform also recently appeared in an op-ed for CNBC.

“If we are serious about reform, we need to move beyond the current obsession with coverage to a real debate about accountability, transparency, cost and quality.”