November 1, 2011

Recent legislation and growing anxiety about debt have put healthcare in the spotlight, where it’s likely to stay for an indefinite period. Payers and providers are under enormous pressure to reduce costs and improve quality.

As reimbursement rates for hospitals decrease, the way decisions about care are made is changing as well. Administrators’ influence on purchase and even clinical decisions is growing at the expense of that wielded by physicians. And physicians themselves are exerting price pressure on manufacturers as they become more aligned with new reimbursement incentives.

In Impact of the Changing Reimbursement Landscape on Healthcare Marketers, which appeared in PM360 this month, NAI Managing Partner Michael Abrams, M.A. and Consultant Kim White, M.B.A. describe what the tumultuous reimbursement environment will mean for medical product marketers, and how they can increase their odds of success.