March 1, 2012

Rita E. Numerof, Ph.D., President, and Stephen R. Rothenberg, J.D., Consultant, at Numerof & Associates, Inc. (NAI), contributed chapters to the ground-breaking new book, Defining the Value of Spine Care, edited by Jeffrey A. Rihn, M.D., Alexander R. Vaccaro M.D., Ph.D., Todd J. Albert, M.D. and David B. Nash, M.D. and available at today.

The book, written by international experts in the field of spine care, explains how, in a value-based system, physicians will be required to demonstrate that the treatments and procedures they perform deliver value to patients. It offers tools that providers can use to measure the value of the care they provide and keep pace with the rapid evolution of a value-based health care delivery system.

In Developing Value-Based Guidelines for the Treatment of Spinal Disorders, Dr. Numerof and Mr. Rothenberg describe the challenges that healthcare providers face in building a data-based case for the clinical benefits of spinal surgery, and offer a framework for creating value-based guidelines for spinal diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Numerof’s second chapter, Comparative Effectiveness Research in Spine Care, outlines the implications of comparative effectiveness research for spinal care. Highlighting pivotal research, she recommends steps that providers should take now to improve effectiveness and reinforce the case for value. For more information about the book or to purchase a copy, see